We've added a few more details...

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Every time we visit the condo, we do it with a purpose.  This last trip, we added a few additional details to make it more enjoyable for everyone. 

First of all, if you haven't already noticed, we LOVE to do puzzles.  We frame our beloved Disney puzzles and hang them as artwork in the condo. So, this time, the Mickey room got an update with a couple new puzzles.

We've also added a PUR water pitcher for everyone's use. I am always budget conscious and quite frankly, was tired of buying bottled water every time we go to the condo. So, to save us all money, we've purchased a PUR water pitcher to keep in the refrigerator. 

In each bathroom, you will now find a vanity/makeup mirror. There used to be a vanity mirror on the counter in the Mickey bathroom, but somehow it disappeared. So, these are wall-mounted like you might find in a hotel, but better quality.

Lastly, I've attached a small video that shows how to light the keypad on the entry door.  Sometimes when it's gloomy outside during the day, it can be hard to see the keypad. It's taken me a while to realize the light feature is there, but no more fumbling for my cell phone light. I figured you should know it's there as well.