Why Papaya Place?

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Why should you choose Papaya Place as Disney vacation destination?

I'm just throwing some of my personal thoughts out here...

It saves money.  A whole LOT of money.  If you stay on Disney property, you're paying 2-3x as much for a VALUE hotel.  That's ONE room w/2 beds, vs. 1400 square feet of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  

Transportation. You all know that my family and I are Disney-obsessed.  We LOVE Disney transportation just as much, if not more as the next person. It's part of the experience. I love riding the monorail, ferryboat and the skylift, BUT busses? You can wait a half an hour for your bus to arrive to take you back to the hotel on property, then have to collapse the stroller, carry that and the sleepy kids onto the bus, then get off and walk into the hotel room with all that in tow again. A quick walk to your car and voila, you're back at the condo in 20 minutes! I'll write more about driving yourself vs. Disney transportation and the best way to take advantage of it all in a separate Disney blog.

Save MORE money on meals. With a fully-equipped kitchen, have your groceries and meal plan ready to go ahead of time. We enjoy eating in the parks as well; we have our favorites every time we go. That said, we have breakfast at the condo, pack snacks, sometimes even PB&J sandwiches for lunch and have one meal at the parks. HUGE money-saver. Shoot, with young kids, sometimes lunch is your ONLY meal in the park because you're back in the evening to put them to bed early. 

Resort Amenities. Windsor Hills is a vacation destination all on its own. The community pool is heated to 84 degrees year-round. There's an oversized spa and a water park for the kids (water park is NOT heated). Have lunch and drinks poolside from the little cafe and store at the clubhouse. Additionally, there's an on-site movie theater, arcade, exercise room, putting green, basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds and MORE! You have access to all of this with the price of your rental. (Deposits and some fees required for sports equipment rental.) Need a break from all the hustle and bustle of central Florida? Create down-time for your family right on property.

Condo location. Papaya Place is one building across the street from the Clubhouse and pool. Why is this good? It's QUIET. It can get loud at the pool. Aside from the daily hum of vacationers having fun, sometimes there's a DJ and other activities. While they're enjoyable, you may want your vacation nap and need some quiet. Papaya Place is located on the ground floor, so you don't need to fuss with the elevator or stairs, AND the unit above is NOT a rental, so you don't have that to contend with either.  I'm telling ya...we put a lot of thought into location when we purchased.

We actually use this ourselves. Many short-term rentals are corporate-owned, or owned by people who are completely hands-off. We are there several times a year to keep an eye on what's happening with the condo and to make sure it has all the creature comforts of home. We also have excellent property managers who manage the day-to-day activities of the condo, coordinate the cleaners and review the property prior to check-in to ensure it's in tip-top shape for you!

I'm sure I'll think of more and add to this.